We are facing difficult time as the COVID-19 second wave engulfed Sri Lanka. While there is lockdown curfew for some, others are also required to stay at home for own safety, limiting the movements. Things would look pretty boring, specially for those who used to travel to wildernesses often for birding – but atleast we have our garden visitors to cheer us up.

So let’s use these COVID-19 lock down times again to watch birds in our own home gardens and around. The migrants are also here, so let’s record those who visit our gardens as well.

Please observe the birds and try to enter these into eBird.org. Just visit the website and it is not a difficult process – let us know if you need any assistance in using eBirds. After enter your observations, please share these with “GardenBirdWatch”. If you observe a migrant, share the checklist with both “GardenBirdWatch” and “MigrantWatchLK”, so that we can collate the data later on.

Pass the message to others. HAPPY BIRDING..!!!

COVID, MigrantWatch and GardenBirdWatch