Marine expedition on PELAGIC Birds

March 30, 2024

FOGSL will conduct an expedition in Sinharaja from the 28th – 30th September and 01st October 2023 (04-days/ 03 nights). Please reserve your place by paying a non-refundable advance of Rs.10,000/= to Indrika (Admin officer) or Anoma (Finance officer) at the FOGSL office, UOC on or before the 11th of August 2023. Please note that there is an opportunity for only 18 birders.


Please note 

* Health Recommendation will have to be observed.

* Only fully vaccinated persons allowed – evidence to be provided and carried during the outing.

For more information visit: Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka 

*The Office will be open Monday to Friday 09.30am – 04.00pm.