‘කයිය’ (Kaiya) in Sinhala meaning gathering of people for co-operative work to achieve a common goal and ‘කුරුලු’ (Kurulu) means birds. So ‘කුරුලු කයිය’ (Kurulu Kaiya) is a gathering aimed at promoting birdwatching, conservation of birds and their habitats. The ‘BirdLife Asian Partner Bird Fair 2016’ held last year was a successful event. There were requests to repeat a similar event; so FOGSL decided to organize a similar event this year as well. Since it goes beyond a traditional BirdFair theme; the event has been named as ‘කුරුලු කයිය (Kurulu Kaiya)’ giving a more localized identity.

Dates: December 16 – 17
Venue: Diyasaru Park, Thalawathugoda

කුරුලු කයිය will host an array of events that will create a dialog on conservation of birds while promoting birdwatching in the Sri Lanka.

  • Guided Nature Walks


  • Outdoor Public Lectures and Informal Discussions
  • Exhibition panels and stalls
  • Linking with other BirdLife partners and experts ONLINE
  • KIDS Program
  • e-කුරුලු කයිය
  • Garden BirdWatch 2017
  • Forty Years of Bird Research 

18th P.B.Karunaratna Memorial Educational Exhibition will be held prior to කුරුලු කයිය on December 14 – 15 at University of Colombo. This will be done with support from students of the universities.