Fog Kids

FOG Kids

The FOG Kids program focuses on environmental education for school children from Grade 1 to Grade 6. 

FOG Kids program aims inculcate a sense of responsibility for conservation and to impart scientific education at an early age. To accomplish this goal, various events are placed throughout the calendar year including a lecture series, field visits and workshops. These children will be exposed to birding techniques as well as basic wildlife skills.

The monthly kids program is usually held on last Saturday in every month along with general meeting is mainly for discussing their day to day experiences with nature and conducting nature based group activities which develop the presenting skills in kids and also give great support in their school studies. The field visits are arranged to give the practical knowledge on identifying mainly birds, butterflies and other animals and plants in the field, to learn how to observe animal behavior and how to use their senses when working with animals and nature. FOGSL Kids Day usually held in end of March in every year along with the AGM and PB Karunaratne Memorial Exhibition gives kids the opportunity to present their talents in creating nature based arts, handicrafts and their artistic skills.

The value of this program is in giving children an opportunity to use their abilities towards something greater than themselves.

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